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Abel Mota

Chef Abel has been preparing sushi for his entire career.  Abel started as a prep cook 24 years ago at a small sushi restaurant near his home in El Paso, Texas.  Here he fell in love with the art of preparing sushi and committed himself to be a true student.  Abel helped grow Sushi Brokers here in Arizona, and now drives the quality and consistency for Rock Lobster.


Chef Christopher George

Chef Christopher George grew up in New Hampshire where he developed a love for Seafood at a very young age, from there he embarked on a journey working in restaurants starting at the age of thirteen.  He soon found himself a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, soon after graduation he began to train under the famed chef, "Roy Yamaguchi" Chef George loves to share the creativity learned and developed within multiple countries over the span of his career.

Tom Kaufman

Founded in 2012 Tom and late partner Patrick King of Saporros made it a mission to provide south Chandler with the finest quality sushi at a great value.  Tom's belief in  "always try learning more, when you think you know enough" has been the catalyst for multiple local awards, including "Best Sushi in Chandler"  three years in a row.

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